Al-Azhar University

on Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Al-Azhar University is located in Egypt. It was established in 970 as as the chief center of learning of Arabic Literature as well as Sunni Islamic learning. In 1961, non-Islamic subject were added to the curriculum for further study. The university is associated with Al-Azhar mosque in Cairo. Al-Azhar university is open for all Muslim students who wish to study to further their knowledge of Islamic Religion.

Goal of the university:

"The University of Al-Azhar aims to provide Egypt and the Arabic and Islamic world with scholars and experts, well equipped with Islamic culture and moral, and well prepared to serve their societies, and play their role in building up their countries on faith and scientific basis ."

Faculties include:

For Boys:

  1. Faculty of Islamic Theology.
  2. Faculty of Islamic Jurisprudence and Law.
  3. Faculty of Arabic Language.
  4. Faculty of Islamic and Arabic Studies.
  5. Faculty of Da'wa, Islamic Call.
  6. Faculty of Education.
  7. Faculty of Languages and Translation.
  8. Faculty of Science.
  9. Faculty of Medicine.
  10. Faculty of Pharmacy.
  11. Faculty of Dentistry.
  12. Faculty of Agriculture.
  13. Faculty of Commerce.
  14. Faculty of Engineering.
For Girls:

  1. Faculty of Arabic and Islamic Studies.
  2. Faculty of Humanities.
  3. Faculty of Medicine.
  4. Faculty of Science.
  5. Faculty of Commerce.


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